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First polytechnic with Rainbow Tick

Otago Polytechnic is gearing up to celebrate its Rainbow Tick.

It is the first Institute of Technology and Polytechnic (ITP) in New Zealand and one of the first organisations in the South Island to gain Rainbow Tick certification.

The Rainbow Tick accreditation allows organisations to understand what they are doing well in regard to their Rainbow personnel (LGBTTIQ: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, takatāpui, intersex and Queer).  The programme also offers ways to improve.

To gain certification, Otago Polytechnic showed, against a number of criteria, that it is diverse, open and inclusive as an employer.  That includes strategies and policies that specifically mention inclusion; reporting on inclusion at all levels, including governance; and training offered to staff.

Stuart Terry, Otago Polytechnic Organisational Researcher, says Otago Polytechnic has great employment opportunities, and now everyone knows they’re welcome.  “This certificate tells us what we already know – Otago Polytechnic is a wonderfully inclusive place to work and has been for years.  The Rainbow Tick is about showing we are welcoming, regardless of your background or culture.  We are leading the way in the south.”

Read about the Rainbow Tick in the news.

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Brewing up a qualification

Otago Polytechnic Central Campus in Crowell is planning a new programme in brewing beer.

Marketing Manager, Melanie Kees, says the new qualification would begin when Central Campus' new purpose-built facility is completed in about three yeras.

Ms Kees believes it would be the first qualification of its type in the country - adding to Central Campus' mantra of offering unique experience in a unique place.

"Why would you want to be anywhere else?"

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Lifestyle learning at Central campus

The picture-perfect scenery and work-perfect study at Otago Polytechnic's Central Campus are drawing more and more people seeking a lifestyle change.

Student numbers are increasing steadily year on year, with 110 onsite students this year, plus another 40 distance learners.

Another 65 people will study with the Seondary Tertiary College - where senior high school pupils study at the polytechnic one day a week.

In this Otago Daily Times article, Marketing Manager, Melanie Kees, says the international student programme continues to thrive, accounting for 27% of the Central Campus students.

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Central campus offers a welcome scenic change

Paul Newman was over Auckland's fast-paced life.  He needed a change, and decided that would be at Otago Polytechnic's Central Campus.

The 59 year-old geologist and IT specialist has moved to Bannockburn, and will study the two-year New Zealand Certificate in Stonemasonry (Level 4) (Construction Stonemasonry).

More and more people are opting out of big cities for a quieter life, and Otago Polytechnic offers further training and education to fit around lifestyles.

Read more about Mr Newman's move south in this Otago Daily Times article.

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Otago Polytechnic Central Campus leading by example

Otago Polytechnic Central Campus Marketing Manager, Melanie Kees, is leading by example, and is hitting the books ... again!

Melanie already has a New Zealand Certificate in Tourism (Level 4) (Operations) and a Bachelor of Applied Management, and now she's enrolled for a Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice.

In this Otago Daily Times Article, Melanie explains that she is part of one of the target markets for Otago Polytechnic Central Campus, and she praises recognition of prior learning.

Read more about the Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice.

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Penguin hospital vet

For six weeks a year, Dr Lisa Argilla practically lives at Otago Polytechnic's School of Veterinary Nursing, tending to sick and injured yellow-eyed penguins.

The wildlife vet runs the penguin hospital - caring for, and saving, the precious birds.  

She is funded by The Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust.

There were only 200 breeding pairs last season, so every single bird counts.

In this article, the Otago Daily Times follows "A Day in the Life" of Dr Argilla as she strives to save the future of this endangered species.

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Students bring life back to Dunedin

February always brings an influx of students to Dunedin, and the locals are revelling in the vibrancy.

North Dunedin is alive with smiling students lounging on couches outside their front doors, enjoying the lull before lectures start.

Otago Motel association commettee member, Jay Nixon, dubs this as "Mad Weekend" because of the sheer number of students and their parents arriving and booking city accommodation.

The impact students have on Dunedin is explained in this Otago Daily Times article.

More than 7,000 students will attend Otago Polytechnic this year, and those starting the year at the Dunedin campus are already in the throws of orientation.

Otago Polytechnic Students' Association president, Dylan Mead, describes, in this article from The Star, how Polytechnic students often get the best of both worlds - attending the two orientations run by Otago Polytechnic and the University of Otago.

In this editorial from the Otago Daily Times, the author questions the applicability of tertiary studies.

From carpentry to automotive engineering, Information Technology to nursing, Otago Polytechnic offers hands-on training as well as important academic learning in a wide range of trades and subjects,

Otago Polytechnic prides itself with providing career-focused education.

Read more about what Otago Polytechnic offers.


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Leading my father where I didn't want him to go

Josie Crawley, Senior Lecturer of Nursing at Otago Polytechnic, recently wrote an article that beautifully captures the heartbreaking reality of losing her father.

It appeared first in Kai Tiaki Nursing Magazine, then was picked up by various other media including the Sunday Star Times and Stuff.

Read Josie's story here.

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Staff Excellence Awards

Every year we celebrate the achievements of Otago Polytechnic staff with our Staff Excellence Awards.

Each winner is awarded a trophy and a professional development grant of $2000. This year, the awards were presented during our annual Staff Development Day, which also featured a presentation by Canadian Futurist Ken Steele.

Staff members nominate their peers for the awards. The rigorous nomination process includes customer, peer and student feedback, along with other supporting evidence.

Congratulations to the Otago Polytechnic staff who won awards this year, and to the others who were nominated.


And the winners are…

Excellence in Teaching

Matt Galloway, Design Lecturer

Jenny Rudd, Health Science Lecturer

Julie Notman, Business Lecturer

Anne McLeod, Business Lecturer


Excellence in Research & Enterprise

Emma Collins, Nursing Lecturer

Mary Butler, Occupational Therapy Lecturer

Clive Humphreys, Art Lecturer

Rachel Allan, Photography Lecturer


Excellence in Service Provision

Emma Morey, Student Practice Coordinator

Kathryn van der Vliet, Placement Coordinator

De-Arn Buchholz, School Operations Coordinator


Excellence in Leadership

Jasmin Lamorie, School Operations Coordinator

Katie Wise, External Communications Team Leader

Rob Cloughley, Programme Coordinator


Excellence in Sustainable Practice

Food Design Institute Team, (Mark Lane, Tim Lynch, Ashleigh Hayward, Timothy McRobbie, Lorraine Hook, Kelsi Ferguson, Anna Soo)

Kim Thomas, Horticulture Lecturer


Excellence in Health & Safety

Mereana Rapata–Hanning, Nursing Lecturer

Jean Ross, Nursing Lecturer

Sherry Lilley, Head of School (Nursing)


Excellence in Implementation of the Māori Strategic Framework

Mereana Rapata-Hanning, Nursing Lecturer

Rebecca Swindells, Kaitautoko 

Catherine Lindsay, Administrator 

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Living Gardens keep on giving

Otago Polytechnic's Living Campus is the first of its kind in Australasia.  No wonder it draws so much attention!

Through Living Campus, we hope to raise awareness and change attitudes towards how we use land by creating a visionary hub and offering educational tours and workshops to inform people about how this can be done.

Living Campus includes the whole campus green space and shows elements of sustainable operations that guide us to care for our earth and people.

Read what the Otago Daily Times reported about our progressive green space.