Study in New Zealand's best outdoor classroom

Hannah Bewg - Outdoor Adventure


I never knew you could study anything like this before. The people, the environment, there's a big sense of community here

Though she wasn't too sure what direction she wanted to go in life, Hannah Bewg always knew she didn’t want a desk job. The opportunity to explore rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and rafting - whilst gaining a qualification -  seemed like a perfect fit.  

 Now, six months into the New Zealand Certificate in Outdoor and Adventure Education (Multi-skilled) (Level4) she's already figured out what long-term direction she wants to go in.  

After feeling rather stuck in the town she grew up in, Hannah made the move from Auckland to Wanaka and has zero regrets.  

"I never knew you could study anything like this before. 

"The people, the environment, there's a big sense of community here. Everyone knows everyone and we're always outside whether that be on a hike or having a BBQ by the lake".  

As for Outdoor Adventure Education, the course is almost completely practical. 

"We usually spend three days out in the field and also have an 'independent learning day' each week. This is where we're encouraged to go out and practice our new skills with our peers (or go snowboarding if the snowfalls decent)." 

The course also comes with some incredible trips away. From camping in the bush, to staying in the mountain "I've had the opportunity to try so many things that otherwise might have seemed too overwhelming to seek out on my own".  


Hannah's favourite part of the course is actually the written papers around environmental sustainability. She's currently working on an eight-week project on how fast fashion impacts our climate.  

"Being on this course this year has helped me develop my love for the outdoor environment and prompted me to pursue a future in sustainability." 


With plans to finish her course at the end of this year, her main goal at the moment is travel. 

"This qualification opens up so many adventure-based jobs around the world. My hope is that it will help me secure a job super yachting, that’s what I was working to pursue before covid." 


Hannah Bewg - Outdoor Adventure