Food Safety: Unit 167 (Practice food safety methods in a business under supervision)


Central Otago

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To be confirmed for 2021
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  • Central Otago
    21 November 2019
  • Central Otago
    12 September 2019

Working with food? This food hygiene unit standard is a legal requirement in some workplaces and is recommended for ALL people working, or preparing to work, in a food business.

This unit explains the legislation of food safety. Through both theory and practical sessions, you will gain a basic understanding of safe food practices i.e. food contamination hazards, personal hygiene, food spoilage, contamination prevention, temperature and time management.  

This course is also available for year 11 to 13 high school students through the STAR scheme - talk to your Career Advisor if you're interested in this option.

Please note: These courses are run subject to minimum numbers enrolling.