New Zealand Certificate in Avalanche Risk Management (Level 6)


Online with training and assessments in Wanaka

Part-time study over one to two years
Flexible start date to suit the learner (online study)
July 2019 (practical field training)

Replacing the Diploma in Avalanche Studies (which incorporated Stage 2) from 2019 

Providing the highest level of professional training available in New Zealand, enjoy the chance to be taught by pros and graduate with the ability to assume supervisory roles in all sectors of the industry. 

As the Snowsport tourism industry grows and the emphasis on safe participation increases, there is a steady demand for qualified snow safety personnel around the world. Your expertise could lead to exciting employment opportunities in tourism ventures, numerous ski-field roles, guiding or roading operations.

The online nature of this programme ensures that you can fit your study around other commitments as we have flexible start dates for the theory courses and applied snow studies. The field training and practical assessment dates are fixed each year (July and September respectively).  

Coming soon!

Watch this space for further programme details. To discuss the programme, please contact the Programme Manager,