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Otago Polytechnic’s programmes are grouped into career pathways. This makes it easier for you to see how to turn your interest in a particular industry into the practical skills and knowledge you'll need to secure a job.

Many of our students are interested in more than one career pathway – that’s great too. We offer programmes that combine elements of business with sport, for example, or engineering with design.

Bike Mechanics

There is a growing demand for cycle technicians in the Central Otago area. You will learn to assemble, adjust bicycles and fit accessories or take your skills further and learn how to diagnose faults, overhaul and rebuild bicycles.


Study Carpentry at Central and get ready for a career in construction. Carpentry graduates are in demand in a variety of roles, and with Central Otago being one of the fastest growing regions in New Zealand what better place to study.  You’ll enjoy hands-on training in our workshop and the chance to be involved in community based building projects.


Hospitality is the world’s largest industry and the opportunities are vast. From working as a chef, barista or hotel manager to running your own restaurant, café or hotel – hospitality is the perfect career for those who are going places!


 Learn an extensive range of best practice farming skills which can lead to a variety of careers in the agriculture industry– including fine wool production and woolshed operations, mustering, machinery maintenance, and pasture production and management. By the time you leave, we’ll have you confident, competent and work-ready.


Horticulture workers assist in the design, production and maintenance of plants, gardens and landscapes for both local and international markets. Graduates can work in public gardens, nurseries, or as fruit growers, plant propagators, in landscaping, as irrigation technicians, as contracts managers and more. 


People who work in the automotive industry repair, maintain, modify and sell vehicles and vehicle parts. Employment opportunities for engineers and mechanics are constantly increasing as the number of vehicles on the road continues to grow so it’s a great career path to choose.


Midwifery graduates are important providers of maternity services both within New Zealand and overseas and also work in areas such as education, research and professional consultation. Many midwives are self-employed.

Sports Turf Management

Sports turf professionals are in high demand, both here and overseas, working in the management and maintenance of golf courses, cricket wickets, sports fields and artificial turf among others. 


Learn to veneer houses in stone and build stone features such as paths, walls, fireplaces and water features and forge a career in areas such as building, landscaping and restoration. This stonemasonry programme is the only full-time course offered in New Zealand.

Sustainable Practice

Sustainability is for decision-makers and individuals interested in leading change. From growing your own crops and farming a lifestyle block, to working as a consultant to businesses and supporting sustainable community development; with a sustainability qualification, you can make a contribution and help change the world for the better.

Snowsport and Outdoor Pursuits

 Why keep your passion for snow and adventure to the weekend? Turn what you love doing into a career on the snow or outdoors! Job outcomes include ski and snowboard instructing and avalanche safety, adventure tourisim guides, outdoor education, adventure tourism, ski-field roles, guiding or roading operations.


 Sound technical and management skills are essential in the wine growing industry and gaining this qualification will open doors within the industry, both nationally and internationally. Our focus is the cool climate production of quality wine grapes, and using sustainable wine growing and organic wine growing principles.