Love brewing beer and want to make it your career?

Our brewing qualifications have been designed to meet industry needs as well as offering a learning experience that fits with your lifestyle. With a new purpose-built brewing facility at our campus in Cromwell, these programmes are truly unique.

Plus, our brewing scholarships means there's nothing holding you back! 



These programmes are free for domestic students due to the Government's Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) (although you'll still need to pay additional course-related and living costs). 

New Zealand Certificate in Brewing (Level 4) 

Location: Central Otago | Start: February | Delivery: Full-time

Ideal if you’re new to the industry or a long-time home brewer, learn the art and science of brewing from the ground up! Immerse yourself in a practical learning experience involving theory of the brewing process, technical brewing plans, production processes, volumes and of course, hands-on beer brewing.

New Zealand Certificate in Brewing (Level 5) 

Location: Online | Start: First of each month | Delivery: Full-time

Perfect for those with experience in a commercial or non-commercial brewery who want to develop the skills to work independently in the brewing industry.

New Zealand Diploma in Brewing (Level 6) 

Location: Online | Start: First of every month | Delivery: Full-time

If you’re a brewer with significant skills and experience, completion of this programme will demonstrate that you have the skills and specialised knowledge to develop and independently brew to a professional level in a commercial or non-commercial environment.

Both our Level 5 and Level 6 programmes are delivered through our Assessment of Prior Learning Centre, Capable NZ. Our innovative Independent Learner Pathway lets you gain a qualification through experiential learning as we measure your existing experience against these NZQA-recognised qualifications.