Food Safety: Unit 167


Dunedin or Central Otago

One day per unit

On campus

Dunedin: 14 and 15 Oct
Central Otago: 3 September 2020

Working with food? This food hygiene unit standard is a legal requirement in some workplaces and is recommended for ALL people working, or preparing to work, in a food business.

This course is available for year 11 to 13 high school students through the STAR scheme. Check out our STAR courses page for more information. For Central Otago students, we also offer STAR and youth guarantee programmes.

Please note: These courses are run subject to minimum numbers enrolling.

Unit 167: Practice food safety methods in a food business under supervision

This unit explains the legislation of food safety. Through both theory and practical sessions, you will gain a basic understanding of safe food practices i.e. food contamination hazards, personal hygiene, food spoilage, contamination prevention, temperature and time management.  

Please note: If you have already completed the theory component of Unit Standard 167, you will be assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine your competency prior to enrolling in the practical session. 

Dunedin dates

Wednesday 14 October and Thursday 15 October 2020
8.30am to 12.30pm in M218 classroom followed by 2 kitchen practicals 1pm-4pm on Wednesday 14 October and 9am to 12noon on Thursday 15 October. Participants need to attend both practical sessions.

Central Otago dates

Option 1 - TBC

Option 2 - 3 September 2020

What to bring

Please bring a highlighter pen, ballpoint pen and some paper.


Food safety regulations dictate that nails will be short and clean, with no nail polish. There is to be no jewellery (earrings, facial piercings, bangles, watches, necklaces/pendants) worn during the practical component in the kitchen. Health and safety regulations require that closed-in shoes with no heels must be worn in the kitchen. Failure to adhere to the dress code can result in no admission to the kitchen assessment, therefore a “not passed” result.