Cookery (Level 3)

Are you creative? Do you enjoy preparing and serving food?

Location: Cromwell

Delivery: Two days a week for the school year.





What will I do?

> Work in a commercial kitchen

> Prepare, cook and present dishes common to the industry

> Learn health and safety requirements

> Learn effective customer service and communication techniques.


What could I do next?

Undertake further study at Otago Polytechnic, specialising in one of the following areas:

> Study the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery (Level 4) or the New Zealand Diploma in Cookery (Level 5).


Unit standards covered in this course

Unit Standard New Zealand Certificate in Cookery (Level 3) Credits Level Version
13288 Prepare and cook basic meat dishes in a commercial kitchen 8 3 5
13293 Prepare and cook basic vegetable dishes in a commercial kitchen 6 3 5
13300 Prepare and cook basic stocks, sauces, and soups in a commercial kitchen 5 3 5
13304 Prepare and cook basic fish dishes in a commercial kitchen 4 3 6
13314 Prepare and cook egg dishes in a commercial kitchen 4 3 6
13315 Prepare and cook rice and farinaceous dishes in a commercial kitchen 6 3 5
13316 Prepare and cook basic pasta dishes in a commercial kitchen 3 3 5
13322 Prepare and cook basic pastry dishes in a commercial kitchen 4 3 5
27927 Apply health, safety and security practices to service delivery operations 5 3 1
27928 Interact with other staff, managers and customers to provide service delivery outcomes 5 3 1
27929 Apply standard operating procedures and the code of conduct to a work role in a service delivery organisation 5 3 1
27955 Apply food safety practices in a food related business 5 3 2
  Total 60    


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I’m keen! What do I do now?

Go and have a talk to your School’s Career advisor and mention this course with Otago Polytechic.

They will be able to take you through the application process or help with any further questions.

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